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Metal Tubes

Backed by rich experience and a team of professionals which thrives for excellence, we offer a wide range of Metal Tubes. Our range of Metal Tubes including Condenser Tubes, Copper End Cross Tubes, Turbo Chill Tubes, Copper Alloy Tubes, Cupro Nickel Tubes, Brass Tubes, Integral Finned Tubes and Pure Copper Tubes is made utilizing state-of-the-art technology and modern machines. In addition to this, our range of Metal Tubes is available in different specification and customized design to suit the demands of our client.

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Pure Copper Tubes

Backed by rich experience and a team of professionals which thrives for excellence, we offer a wide range of Pure Copper Tubes. Tube Tech manufactures Pure Copper Tubes in full accordance with the appropriate product standards. Customers specify our products when quality and performance count.



Brass Tubes

Brass Tubes is an alloy of copper with main alloying element as Zinc. Strength, hardness, ductility, good corrosion resistance, machinability, formability and conductivity are the main characteristics of the brass tubes coupled with toughness retained above and below ambient temperature, good spark resistance and low magnetic


Admiralty Brass Tubes

With our integrated tube production facilities, we are capable of offering high quality Admiralty Brass Tubes that are apt for various applications in evaporator & cooler industry applications. These Admiralty Brass Tubes possess all essential properties such as versatility, corrosion resistance, high


Cupro Nickel Tubes
Tube Tech produces a vast range of Cupro Nickel Tubes to satisfy all customer requirements in terms of outer diameter, wall thickness and tempers to suit the intended applications. The cupro nickel tubes are available in a variety of combinations, the main combinations manufactured by Tube Tech are :
  • Cupro Nickel Tubes

Copper Alloy Tubes

Tube Tech offers its customers a range of competitively priced, assured quality Copper Alloy Tubes complying with the latest specifications. Copper alloy tubes are manufactured in straight length and are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish. The half hard tubes can easily be flanged and


Copper End Cross Tubes

Copper End Cross Tubes is a tube having integral external fins of 26 to 40 fins per inch and increased fin height with a trapezoidal shape. These tubes are produced with smooth bore as well as integral internal ridges. End Cross Tubes are generally used in Vapour Absorption Chillers. These tubes are available in 12.7 mm, 15.87


Turbo Chill Tubes

Turbo Chill Tubes is an integral low fin tube provided with spiral ridges on the inside. In a Turbo Chill Tube, the inside fluid heat transfer capability is remarkably improved in comparison with the smooth in-tube type tubes. By the effects multiplied mutually by the tubes outside fins and inside spiral ridges a high


Condenser Tubes

Condenser Tubes with finely grooved, modified outer and internal enhancements are produced by Tube Tech for Refrigerant Condenser Applications. These tubes are manufactured with integral helical fins on the outside surface of the tube which enhance the condensing heat transfer coefficient. with finely grooved, modified outer


Bimetallic Tube

The bimetallic tube is composed of two different materials - usually inner material is a corrosion resistant alloy (copper, aluminium brass or Cupro nickel) whereas the outer material is a high-stress resistant alloy (Brass, stainless steel or carbon steel). It is, however, possible to manufacture


Metal Tube Assembly

Tube Tech produces Copper tube assemblies, Brass Tube Assemblies & Cupro Nickel Tube Assemblies that require various bending operations, machining operations, welding operations, brazing operations, captive components or a combination of all above items. We also assemble tubes with flanges, bushes and other components as per the


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